Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fail: French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes (★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆)

French Toast is good. Bacon is good. French Toast with bacon is good. So why wouldn't a french toast and bacon cupcake be good? These were...well, let's just say...weird.

I still think the concept could be successful, but not the way I went about it.

These I made on a whim. My friend was having a little get together, so what a better way to be able to try a new recipe, AND get a good chunk of them out of my house ASAP.

A couple of things I did wrong:
1) Used a box mix. If it's not chocolate...don't do it!
2) I used veggie bacon. The things you will do when your bestie is a vegetarian. Not only did
they taste like crunchy salt sticks; they looked like dog treats. Do yourself a favor and tell
your veggie bff to pick off her bacon...or better yet, just don't put one on hers.

This was my inspiration: French Toast and Bacon Cupcakes

After my Black and White cupcake, I thought I had finally found a good white cake mix.
Nope. Still looking.

For the french toast flavor. Making use of my $$$$ vanilla bean paste.

We always have maple syrup on hand so I added that instead of maple extract.

There has to be better veggie bacon than this.
Cause even vegetarians don't want to eat doggy salt sticks.

The finished product.

Well, at least I can say they incited conversation even if they weren't the hit of the party. One day I'll try these again. I love breakfast foods, and I'm thoroughly convinced that with the proper ingredients they would make excellent cupcakes.


  1. These look delicious - I'll have to try the recipe very soon!!! Thanks for sharing =))

    1. Thanks for reading! These are good in theory, although mine didn't turn out so great. But I think with a few improvements they would be delicious.