Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Root Beer Float Cupcakes (★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆)

So I haven't blogged in awhile. But the baking has continued. This has led to quite the back-log of needed entries. Feeling rather overwhelmed with the prospect of writing about my ever growing baking adventures, I did what every other self-respecting procrastinator does: I watched tv instead.

Lately, I've been baking more and I kind of miss tracking all of my projects. Hence, the blog is back up and running.

I made these Root Beer Float cupcakes when I had a "Sixth Sense" movie screening in my backyard during the summer. They were kind of a flop. They didn't taste like Root Beer and they were pretty ugly, although I must say the cupcake itself was pretty delicious. But as I've said on here before...presentation is almost just as important as taste to me.

I got the recipe inspiration from this website: Root Beer Float Cupcakes

I put root beer both in the cake batter and in the glaze.

The ugly cupcakes. They didn't puff up and they were super
sticky...which made them very moist and delicious!

The root beer glaze. I scooped out a little section of the top to help it soak in.

I used the "Best Buttercream" recipe from this website: Vanilla Bean Buttercream

It was good..kinda of grainy and gloppy looking, but tasty. Definitely not the "best" though. My search continues.

They swore that vanilla "paste" is the secret to amazing frosting. So I spent $11 on this sucker and I can't really say it made all that much difference. I've used it since, in some of my other recipes, but only cause I have it. I probably wouldn't buy it again. Save yourself the cash.

As you can tell by the first picture, this frosting doesn't hold up very well. So my swirly mounds of "ice cream" turned into mushy poop. I had to stick them in the freezer till it was time to serve them so they didn't completely fall apart.

I wasn't lying. :)

Not my most successful experience. But at least I tried it. To more successful adventures...

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