Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brown Butter Brownies (★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆)

I'm not really sure how much explanation these require.  




                                     Almost too delicious.  

I follow this blog--Ice Cream Before Dinner.  And one amazing day, these showed up: Brown Butter Brownies

I just knew I had to try them.  They looked incredible!  

As sacrilegious as this might sound, I've never liked homemade brownies.   

Wait.    Stop.     Hear me out...

All of the ones I've been given have been either too dry or too cake-like.  I want fudgy, slightly gooey brownies...the likes of which I've only ever found in a box.  But when I saw the words: "brown butter"...I thought, maybe this is it, the from-scratch recipe that will finally meet my lofty expectations. 

And you know what?  ...These were pretty good!  Probably the most intense brownie I've ever had, but they had the moist chewy goodness that I require.

Problem though.  These suckers are not just unhealthy...they should be banned.  

Five sticks of butter...  Five!!  

I felt bad just doing it. With every new stick added to the saucepan, my arteries closed a little more.  Who invents recipes like this?!?!

My advice: Let these pictures be enough for you.  I couldn't, in good conscience, make these again.  They were delicious, I'll give them that.  But for now, I'll just stick with the box.  

The search for the ever elusive brownie recipe continues.  

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