Thursday, June 28, 2012

Orange Chocolate Chip Sugar Biscuits (★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆)

I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I love when I find out people have been reading my blog.  

I mean that's why I spend my valuable time documenting all this, right?  

For a second, it makes me feel like the shiz.  But then I realize, I'm just a chick who eats a lot of cookies and 8 fantastic people care to hear about it.  There may or may not have been a slight amount of coercion involved. :)

Not that I'm complaining....not at all.  Like I said, I LOVE it when someone takes the time to weed through my yammerings.  Plus, no one should feel like the shiz for long.  That's when things start to get messy.  And the next thing you know you're at an awards show stealing the limelight from a giant doe-eyed country girl or even better--Beyonce herself.  

Definitely a situation I hope to avoid.  Fingers crossed. 

I must say though, I feel pretty bonded to my readers.  In a way that is at the same time ridiculous and wonderful.

I like to call this phenomeona the "Instant Best Friend Syndrome"...or IBFS, if you will.

Like when you find out that guy at the Honda Dealer is also a lefty.  Hello!  Besties.
Or when your friend's sister-in-law sends you a request on Facebook just so she can drool over your Twilight Tour photos.  Best Friends 4EVR!!

It doesn't matter whether we've met before or not.  A connection has been made...and not your normal day-to-day kind either.  

It's the kind that makes you want to find a way to send cookies of appreciation across the country.  
...using the mason jars you still have from your failed Cake in a Jar experiment. 

That is literally how this post came about.  

I needed a delicious, yet sturdy recipe to make it all the way to Pennsylvania.  
That's when I found these: Orange Poppyseed Sugar Biscuits.

Ironically, I was drawn in by the poppy seeds, but having none at my disposal I substituted with the best thing I could find: mini chocolate chips.  

The chocolate and orange zest complimented each other quite well.  

The batter must be rolled and chilled for at least two hours before slicing and baking.

Slices should be cut as evenly as possible.  It helps with the baking consistency.

These cookies don't expand much in the oven. For larger cookies you must make the rolls thicker.

These cookies were good!  I would definitely make them again.

Slightly tangy.  Chocolatey.
Buttery, yet sweet.
And hardy enough to survive an airplane flight.


To my dedicated readers, these were for you.  Maybe a glass jar full of cookies didn't arrive at your doorstep, but know I appreciate each minute you spend browsing my pictures and reading my stories.

Feel free to comment, suggest, or just swap war stories with me.  Cause, you know, I like hearing from my blog BFFs.

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